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The most comprehensive option to teach with Bitbloq

With Bitbloq you can teach all the Primary and Secondary Education technological skills from a single platform. With the Teacher Plan, you will enjoy simple classroom management, specialised care and support, and priority access to all new developments, among other benefits.

Simple classroom management

Gestiona cómodamente cada aula: evalúa los ejercicios y añade comentarios, consulta las calificaciones y entregas pendientes de cada alumno o comprueba el estado de las entregas de cada tarea. Puedes utilizar tu cuenta para impartir tantas clases no simultáneas como quieras, sin limitación de alumnos o número de aulas.

An all that, without your students having to sign up to Bitbloq.

Cada alumno accede a un espacio personal con todos sus ejercicios a través del código del aula y su contraseña, sin tener que registrarse.

Educational itineraries

You can create your own itineraries, use those developed by the Bitbloq team or a combination of both. It is a flexible system and it is adapted to the needs of real teachers (Coming soon)

Additional features

  • Specialst attention in less than 48 hours* provided directly by the Bitbloq team.
  • Free access for you and your pupils to program boards such as Arduino UNO.
  • Exclusive functions, free add-ons and priority access to all new.

* only working days

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Suscripción anual: 6,90 €/mes (82,80 €/año)
Suscripción mensual: 9,90 €/mes
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